How much protein do you need per day? To Build Muscle? To Lose Weight?

How much protein do you need per day? To Build Muscle? To Lose Weight?

How much protein should you eat per day? Is there a best amount for muscle building? Does it matter for weight loss? Is the RDA enough? Or should you eat a ton of protein? Can you eat too much protein? In this video we break down the research and science on how much protein you should eat per day.

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  1. awesome info! i have always love eating and that made me lose weight super hard, tried a lot of diets and exercises along with it, but what made it possible was agoge diet. it changed my life. its always about the right diet for u

  2. itt all depends on HOW HARD YOU TRAIN!!! & HOW MANY DAYS!! FOR 150 LB TRAING 5 to 6 days a week 1.6 grams or 240grams & on HEAVY DAYS 300 GRAMS ,,,vitamins &ADD BANNANAS ,,APPLE,,BLUEBERRY,,SPINACH,,NUTS,,etccc to 2 to 3 protien drinks per day

  3. What if you are intermittent fasting? Is it good enough to get the proper amount of protein per day in one or two meals? And this is if you are not trying to be a bodybuilder but simply get lean and build muscle.

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