How Many Calories Does It Take To Build Muscle?

How Many Calories Does It Take To Build Muscle?

How many calories does it take to build muscle? We’ll teach you how to calculate YOUR daily calories for muscle building.
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To build muscle, you must be doing strength training, stimulating all of your muscle groups, and using progressive resistance with each workout. Outside of the gym, you need to be eating enough calories to gain muscle, sleeping well, drinking enough water, and prioritizing recovery. Muscles grow outside the gym! There are 3 factors to consider when determining your personal calories needed to build muscle.

3 Factors That Determine Your Calorie Intake to Build Muscle:
– Age
– Height/Weight
– Daily Activity Level

Pro Tip: Using a post-workout shake is a simple way to get quality calories above TDEE

The 5 Best, Safe Muscle Building Exercises For Men:

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  1. Hey guys! Here is the Free Calorie Calculator we referenced in the video:
    You'll have to "Make A Copy" of this as it's a public Google Spreadsheet that's used by thousands of people.

    After punching in your info, the blue number is your TDEE. For the purposes of building muscle, you'll want to eat 250-500 calories OVER that number. Weigh yourself regularly to make sure you're not gaining weight too quickly.

    And make sure to push those weights in the gym! 💪

  2. Sir, can you help me calculate:
    -age 38 year
    -height 170cm
    -weight 70kg
    How many protein & calories should i consume to get lean goal 5 x a week training.. saturday & sunday rest.

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