How I Lost Fat + Built Muscle After a Year Without Training

How I Lost Fat + Built Muscle After a Year Without Training

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I lost a lot of muscle, strength, progress and confidence over the year I spent recovering from an injury. This is all about how I designed my training and changed my diet to lose fat and regain muscle to get back my old body composition, while also becoming stronger and more functional these last 3 months (:

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  1. I got a major back injury the last month and I haven’t been able to work out as I’m in rehab for my spinal issues as well. Could you please share what happened to your back, why weren’t you able to workout for a year? Not working out has caused so much mental stress as working out really help with my mental health. I would really want to hear you story and how you combatted it.

  2. I so admire you and I'm so grateful for your content, so I hope this will not be hurtful for you to read (if you come around to read it). Back in 2020 I found your channel because I was recovering from my binge eating disorder and one of the ways I was doing it is through working out (which I didn't have a complicated relationship in the past, so it was a safe way for me to get those endorphins). I felt really seen by you – you're basically the only person I'd take fitness and nutrition advice from.

    While I don't want to invalidate your experience of gaining weight during your year of injury and recovery, I do worry about you sometimes. I understand that you want to feel like yourself, and I'm sure you've learned more from your injury than you've shared with the public. I just hope you know that you don't have to perform to extremities and be the strongest and thinnest version of yourself at all times. That's not what defines who you are. Your content is amazing, your strength and endurance is beyond this world, it's effin incredible! You're also a very smart and uplifting personality, you're a businesswoman and you have an amazing drive (that I'm sure it's not always easy to live up to).

    Yeah, anyway, this is just my two cents. I hope you're being kind to yourself. As someone with a tendency towards eating disorders, restriction and overexersizing, I admire you for walking a very thin line. Hope I haven't overstepped (I probably have – and might regret and delete this comment later), and yeah, thank you, you're amazing, please be good to yourself <3

  3. It may be too early to make this conclusion. But I substituted my carrot and walnut muffin ~800 calories for an apple and cinnamon muffin ~350 calories and have lost ~2kg in 5 days. I guess time will tell as I try to lose the remaining 4 to 5kg before mid-October.

  4. Could you make a video about how you healed your back? I've had a back injury for many years that has completely thrown off my fitness.

    I went to a fancy Hollywood famous people gym that specialized in "cleaning up" injuries, and made great progress there over about 3 months of 3x weekly sessions when working with most of the trainers.

    But one of them (the owner of the gym) was negligent, and I reinjured it in a session with him before I understood what was happening.

    I just bought your fat loss program and am really excited to start it, but I worry my back injury may get in the way.

  5. I'm a chronic under eater and needing to reverse diet. I'm trying to learn how to do it without gaining fat, but how do you count calories when you cook from scratch? Fitbit only seems to count calories (and categorize them into macros) when I buy food. How do I stay on track? I really need to know how to count those cals and track my macros with from scratch foods.

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