How I Build Muscle At Home (My Workout Routine)


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  1. Brae! Amazing video, dude! I'm loving your channel. Just subbed! 

    Keep up the awesome work- I'm looking forward to watching more of it and thank you for the shout out!💪

  2. I just now subscribed. My background is different because I was put into gymnastics by age 4 and kept in it through age 18. I turned age 21 last Saturday. I was adopted out of Ukraine and raised in very rural USA. I stayed in gymnastics and had some really great gym equipment. But your home workout uses gymnastics equipment. Parallettes were common. You might try doing V-sits and not just L-sits. One skill to aim for is move from an L-sit position to V-sit hold. I like your B-bars. What you might try doing also is hang from the B-bars so your butt is near the floor. Hold your legs straight in front of you with your heals on the floor. Then bring your legs up to where your hands are. We did this on the girls uneven bars. You restrict the movement of your legs from a bit more than 90°. You force your abdominals to do most of the work. I love how you do pull ups holding L-sit–those force your body into a different position than a standard pull up. My story included me shifting into serious heavy weight lifting. I got severely beat up as a 16 year old gymnast. Older guys from school found me alone doing a bar workout on a hot summer night at school by the sports field. There was no one around and some older guys who graduated my high school happened to drive by. They saw me alone. I was shirtless and shoeless doing pull ups and weighted hanging leg raises. I had done a lot of exercising when they found me. They told me they were going to spend a lot of time having fun working over my "gymnast abs." Off and on I lasted over 30 minutes. That night scared the hell out of me. They were all much bigger and stronger. And there were 3 of them. I was 5'7" and weighed over 150 pounds–great size for gymnastics. But I felt small hanging in a full nelson with feet barely touching the ground. My body was totally open for them to just punch the fuck out of. I felt so vulnerable and helpless. And they had their fun. That night really scared me but I learned that I was a very tough guy. I felt I just wanted to last as long as I could and I found that my abdominals were rock hard and lasted. But feeling small got me a week later in the summer school weight room. I met a group of wrestlers using weights and they took me in to workout with them. That unfortunately made me less effective as a gymnast as my quads got large and muscular and heavy. And my focus turned to adding a lot of lean muscle mass. I finished gymnastics but I had transitioned to weight lifting. I was age 19 when the pandemic closed my community college and the gym there. I went into a funk about that and turned to over exercising. I haven't gone back to college and got various jobs until my current job in construction. Sorry for long comment. I hope you continue to make great gains. Your story is a lot like Magnus Bulkan. Look for his English speaking channel. He has one in Norwegian. Your starting places and young habits are very similar. But he got more into weights than body weight only. Have great week. Anton

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