How Hard Should You Workout To Build Muscle? (START DOING THIS!)


Not sure how hard you should be training? This video will help you understand the difference between overtraining and making excuses.

A lot of what I cover in this video has to do with training to failure which people have differing opinions on but to me there is a clear right answer. When it comes to building muscle you’re far better of pushing yourself too hard and having to back off then trying to “train smarter”.

Let me know what video you want next and get after it!

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  1. Let’s say I do squats to failure, then need to go do leg curls and leg extension. But because I did squats till failure I literally can’t do anymore leg exercises. What do I do ? Keep doing squats till failure or do less so I can do other exercises as well?

  2. Overtraining is the lazy man’s way of not putting working in. So they use that excuse. You can under recover but give me a break with overtraining. Eat food, get sleep you could work out balls to the wall every day I’ve done it and I’m not a spring chicken anymore

  3. This guy is so good explaining stuff. A lot of times guys will tell you something and if they’re not with you in the room it’s hard to understand but with him it’s easy I don’t need him to be there with me . just like when he said with the triceps I was doing triceps today and I was doing those little Half reps at the top with the dumbbells for chest and on the rope triceps I was doing both of the things he described today and now I’m watching this video and I know it works

  4. Dude I did one of your leg routines, boy I pushed so much, lucky for me I carry spare underwear to change after taking a shower. I had mudbutt on my last set (Drop setting) on the hack squat, had to rush into the bathroom and clean myself off. Day after I feel l'm 85 and can barely walk around. Thanks so much for a few ideas, loved pushing myself, even at 61 I feel the need to push past my comfort zone. Love the channel 😁

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