Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat – 3 Main Ways to Stay Slim & Healthy


Do you always find ways to get rid of lower belly fat? Do you wish it will disappear in one abdominal crunch only? Do you wonder why you still have the lower belly fat despite your hundreds of crunches and sit-ups? Do you have many attempts of working it out and you always fail? Have you been assessing lately your lifestyle? How about your eating habits? Do you eat more than what your body needs? Are you living a sedentary lifestyle? Your body belly reflects you and your lifestyle. Assessing is the start of knowing what changes you need to do to lose the belly fat in your body. You are accountable for making it happen, you alone.

Belly fat has always been annoying you. You look at yourself in the mirror with your great dress and suddenly you see your lower belly fat bulging under your dress. No matter how much you cover them, it will always become evident. Wearing pants would even make you more irritable as you see the bulging belly fat coming out of your low waist pants. You hate it even more when you have difficulty putting on the button of your pants and you realize, it doesn’t fit you anymore. You see, there are so many things that would change even your attitude when you have the belly fat, until you get used to it.

Imagine yourself with so much belly fat, and you walk around the mall and you notice people look at your belly as if something is going wrong. What about, meeting up with friends? Imagine if they pinch your belly fat, making fun out of it and say, „You are getting fatter“, even if they are your friends, I bet, you are hurt at one point. Most people want to be thin and sexy because they fear being noticed as out of control on their eating, or being obese or fat. True, people are normally judgmental, it’s like, what they see is what they get. So when they see you overweight and chubby, they can imagine foods and fridge in you, and would even think how many plates of food can you consume in a day. Somebody would even laugh at your belly fat layers when you sit down. There really are so many instances that can challenge you and your self-esteem if you have a lower belly fat, even if you say you do not care what people think of you, at some point you really are hurt like big time. Of course, you would not like to feel as though you are out of shape with excess belly fat. Both men and women suffer from insecurities. However, being fat doesn’t mean you are not worthy as a person. People that surround you can be mean, but as long as your integrity is still stable, you can keep the self-esteem high through your positive perception in life, despite and in spite of what people think of you. Make those cruel judgments a motivation, so start a healthy life now.

Many dieters have been frustrated in struggling to get rid of lower belly fat, they have been investing a lot on diet pills, work out machines and products wishing that they can shed pounds on it and will lose belly fat eventually. However, such things are not deemed effective in getting rid of belly fat. It is only through diet and exercise that allow it to make it happen.

1. Assess and Set Your Fitness Goals

First things first, you always have to assess and set your fitness goals, goals that are realistic and specific. If you want to trace your progress, you can make goals weekly. So, assess your lifestyle, the food you eat and your perception of health. If your lifestyle is dull, as in sedentary, one of your goals is hitting the gym. If you eat foods more than what your body needs, you have to engage in a healthy diet.

2. Go For a Healthy Diet

* Diet has been mistakenly believed as eating bitter vegetables and starving yourself of foods. That should not be the case. You have to eat healthy and nutritious foods in right amount. Eating too much whether healthy or not can have bad effects in the body, so take into moderation all that you put into your mouth.
* Eat more fruits and vegetables daily together with foods rich in protein and fiber. Lean meats are rich source of protein, and it is healthily eaten when grilled. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber, so these can help in reducing excess fat from the body by flushing out toxins and fats through defecation.
* Eat a wide range of foods that contain whole grains, proteins, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients is healthy, just make sure you eat in moderation, just enough to make you full. For a fun eating, you can mix it up with little herbs and spices to add some flavor on it. For sure, you will start loving it and you will consider it as part of your meal daily.
* Eliminate unhealthy foods slowly such as your all time favorite chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, candies, cookies, etc.
* Avoid highly processed foods such as canned goods because it has high salt content; the more salt in the diet, the more you become bloated because of water retention.
* Slowly get rid of your favorite soda, instead, drink more water, 6-8 glasses daily. Remember, water has 0 calories and soda has more.
* Divide your meals into smaller portions by eating 5-6 a day. As such, you will end up eating less as your hunger is reduced.

3. Exercises

A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises are greatly effective than performing only one. Remember, the more you worked out your muscles, the more you can burn more calories. The 2 exercises are done alternately, 30 minutes to 1 hour, 3-5 times daily.

Strength Training

– Free weights are an effective way to train. Start from the weights that you can carry, not too light and not too heavy. Just the right ones. They can work on the different muscle groups of the body including your stomach.

– If you cannot afford to go to the gym, you can still build muscle mass by lifting things in your own home, such as your heavy bags, hard bound books, 2 liters of water. If you want to purchase dumbbells, you can do so. Make use of your dumbbells in many ways such as side beings, weighted crunch, reverse crunch, etc.

Cardiovascular exercises

They are important in burning a lot of calories and speeding up your metabolism to get rid of lower belly fat. They work on your entire body which is highly needed to burn fat. You can do these exercises either at home or at the gym in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Your cardio training should not be boring because you can have many options to choose from:

– Aerobics

– Swimming

– Running

– Brisk Walking

– Jogging

– Stair Climbing

– Elliptical Machines

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