GAINS!!…Best Training Split For Building Muscle


Having trouble figuring out what the best training split for building muscle is? I’ve got you covered.

I’ve tried everything from ridiculous amount of volume to DC training and everything in between so I’m not saying I’m an expert, just have a ton of experience.

Hopefully that saves you months or even years of training with splits that really won’t get you the growth you’re looking for.

Here’s a link to the podcast I talked about:

Song: Fas Sounds – Rhythm in You


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  1. So what's wrong with going every day, swapping muscle groups every 2 days. For instance chest and shoulders one day and legs and arms next day, then repeat. Would that nit be effective???

  2. I am a hard gainer and beginner , but doing upper lower split 4 day’s, seems best for me. And I have more freedom because seriously my biceps are pumped from the compound in any case.

  3. So I am a skinny fat type, the reasons being is that when I was a kid I gained a lot of height real quick and I stopped at around 1:80 (5:11) by 14 and stayed there but I played also a lot of european football AND I saved money from school lunch without eating at school for days, so you can guess my upper body never had proper development.

    At 27 I realized I start to become unfit while carrying bags against a hill, when I felt taking a break carrying the damn bags it was the turning point, I started with HIIT and I started to feel my heart and lungs become better and better but then I realized cardio doesn't build muscles so I turned to two dusted dumbbells from my grandpa, they are 9kg each (19 lbs) I think, I started doing stupid shit from stupid influencer and got shoulder impingement but then I found a channel that does these splits and kept trying different ways and finally I think I came to an end weekly split that feels really good, my body feels worked but I don't feel I start a workout sore.

    Long story but I really would like your opinion if my split is good.
    Order of days don't matter because I take breaks when I feel its too much or I feel a joint flaring.
    Day 1: Biceps Triceps Forearms and Shoulders, whole workout takes 40 min for arms 20-30 for shoulders
    Day 2: Legs and abs 30+20 min
    Day 3: Chest and back 45 min
    Day 4: 30 min streches for flexibility and sore muscles + 15 min cardio (Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Jump Rope, Steam Squats, Plank Skiers, Mountain Climbers, Low Plank, I do these two times 45 +15, its like 14 minutes in total)

    From here I repeat or take a day off.

    What do you think, is it good?

  4. I believe the pro split works well for people on steroids. But if your natural full body, or two days split at least twice a week. Because doesn’t matter how many reps and sets you do for chest on Monday by Wednesday proteins synthesis is gone and you’re going for five days without any muscle growth in your chest you need to hit that at least twice a week in my opinion if you’re natural if you’re on steroids you probably could do three sets of 10 and grow like a weed as long as your intensity is high.

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