FAT LOSS FULL BODY CARDIO in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide


This fat loss full body cardio home workout will show you how to lose weight at home in 14 days. No equipment needed. This full body HIIT workout will help you get results. Get your free home workout guide. Beginner modifications included. Track your progress and get results by downloading your free home workout guide on my website.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for helping me create this free workout guide to share with the LEAN familia during this difficult time for all of us 💙

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  1. 18.7.22 / Doing 6 times a week 😼

    Day 1 ✅ : First day completed! It didn't burn a lot but I was drenched in sweat and was left breathless on the floor by the end of it. Tbh I didn't believe I could complete a 20 min cardio since the longest I've done was 12 mins
    Did most of the modifications and at some point I didn't even know what I was doing 👹
    • Burpee count : 11.5 ( the timer went off when I was about to finish my 12

    Day 2 ✅ : Today was soo hard I was dead by the end of it 🥹 I felt really proud of myself when I finished it though because knowing I will be doing 20 mins of Cardio still scares me 🤣
    • Burpee count : 11 🥳

    Day 3 ✅ : Today I was really tired and my shoulders were sore af so I did all the modifications and took quite a few breaks. By the end of it I was exhausted
    • Burpee count : 16 !?!! 🤩

    Day 4 ✅ : Today I was feeling really motivated to workout 🥳 It got easier BUT I need to find alterations for the planks because I either do the modifications which feel like doing nothing or I'm killing my shoulders and arms by doing them so we'll see
    • Burpee count : 12 😅

    Day 5 ✅ : Another day, another killer workout lmao. Today was so tough, not even 10 minutes in and I was sweating. I switched every single plank exercise to crunches, leg raises etc and it burned so much 🥳
    • Burpee count : 13 🕺

    Day 6 ✅ : Felt super motivated today! It has gotten easier but I'm still dead by the end of it
    • Burpee count : 13 😼

    Day 7 ❎ : Rest day today!! Went to the beach and had fun 💕

    ❗ First check in after 7 days :: From 39.2 kg to 39.1 kg 😂

    Day 8 ✅ : Today was hard 😶 My neck was so sore and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do the ab workouts but we did them !!
    • Burpee count : 16 👁️👄👁️

    Day 9 ✅ : It doesn't even feel like 20 mins anymore lmao. I had a headache throughout the video but still pushed through 😃
    • Burpee count : 17 👁️👄👁️

    Day 10 ✅ : I hadn't eaten much today so I was running low on energy but we did it 🕺 I literally died at the end but it has gotten a lot easier 🥰
    • Burpee count : 20 WTF !??!

    Day 11 ✅ : Took 3 long breaks today 🥹 I was so dead by the end but it's worth it 🥰
    • Burpee count : 20 🕺

    Day 12 ✅ : Today was the easiest so far, I sweated a lot but I wasn't left on the floor breathless lmao
    • Burpee count : 21 🤩

    Day 13 ✅ : Today hasn't been the greatest but I'm glad I got this done and over with <3
    • Burpee count : 21 💘

    Day 14 ❎ : Rest day 2 !!

    Day 15 ✅ : I'm going to be completely honest, I wasn't motivated at all today but we did it. I skipped almost every single break in order to finish the workout faster 😂😶
    • Burpee count : 20 and I wasn't even trying at that point 🤩

    Day 16 ✅ : Had a good workout today, nothing out of the ordinary 👹
    • Burpee count : 21 🥳

    Day 17 ✅ : Lately I haven't been motivated so it's been difficult to get myself to exercise but I still push myself every day. Today wasn't the greatest but we did it anyway 💘
    • Burpee count : 20 💙

    Day 18 ✅ : Got my period today so I think there's no point in telling you that this workout sucked 👹
    • Burpee count : 17 🥹

    Day 19 ✅ : Today wasn't good, since I woke up and up until now I had no motivation to workout. However idk what happened but the discipline in me decided to make me do it and I couldn't be more proud 🙂
    ( Didn't even tried at all until the third set tbh 🥹)
    • Burpee count : 18 🤸

    Day 20 ✅ : The moment I started this I got energized and immediately has more motivation. It was the best workout I had in a while and it made me think why I workout – not only to lose fat but to get healthier, have more energy and stamina and tbh I really needed that reminder 🫠
    • Burpee count : 21 🤩

    Day 21 ❎ : Rest day 3 !! Had a full day of eating and doing absolutely nothing 💀 I really wanted to workout bc I felt guilty but I told myself that rest days are as important as active days 😉

    Day 22 ✅ : Wasn't feeling good today, I felt really tired and my fatigue took the best of me as a result I couldn't give my best today
    • Burpee count : – I couldn't do them 🥲

    Day 23 ✅ : Took a ridiculous amount of breaks but we finished eventually
    • Burpee count : 23 🤩

    Day 24 ✅ : Today was better
    • Burpee count: 20 or 21 I messed up and Idk if i counted one more or one less

    Day 25 ✅ : Today was a blast, had fun with it <3
    • Burpee count : 20 🙌

    Day 26 ✅ : I had a headache so I did everything painfully slow and before the third set I took a huge break and when I finally started again I was doing the absolute minimum
    • Burpee count : – Didn't to the burpees but did some push ups 💀

    Day 27 ✅ : Loved today 💞 Had fun and it was really peaceful
    • Burpee count : 23 🥰

    Day 28 ❎ : Rest day 🥰

    Day 29 ✅ : Took many breaks but it was a good day
    • Burpee count : 20

    Day 30 ✅ : We did it !! After a month of consistency and discipline we finally finished this workout 🥰 Couldn't be happier, will give you a full results update tomorrow 💞

  2. Little reminder
    Muscle weighs the same as fat, the scale may say you’ve only lost 0.5 kg but in reality you’ve lost fat and gained muscle. Even if you see the scale going up, you might just be weighing in muscle not fat. Don’t use the scale as a reputable place to see if you’ve lost fat, use a fat pincher, or see a dietitian to figure out how much fat you’ve lost. Trust me. When I first started my weight loss journey, I didn’t know about fat and muscle percentages. I have stayed 70kg throughout it all. But I’ve lost almost 30% in fat percentage and gained almost 30% in muscle. ❤

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