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FAT LOSS DIET PLAN | Working Professionals | Lose 10 Kg | (ft. Kantri Guyz)

FAT LOSS DIET PLAN | Working Professionals | Lose 10 Kg | (ft. Kantri Guyz)

You might be thinking that it is easy for me to just give you any random diet plan because obviously, I do not know how difficult it is to stick to a diet plan when you have a 9 to 7 job.
But before I became a Certified Fitness Expert, I was a Software Engineer for 7 years.

No time for breakfast, less sleep, midnight cravings, deadline stress, late deployment nights, onsite calls I’ve been there and done that. In the initial years, forget fitness, I was even putting on a lot of weight.

So to lose weight I fell for a lot of fad diets. Lose 10 Kg in 10 days diet, cucumber diet, egg diet, 900 Kcal Diet. Such fad diets leave you with no energy and end up giving you headaches and there is no way on earth you are going to meet your deadlines when you feel so weak.

So today I’m going to share with you a no nonsense diet plan that doesn’t stave you, gives your body all of the essential nutrients, makes you lose weight but most importantly this diet is practical so that a busy person like you can follow it easily.


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I will see you again next week. Until then, keep fighting, The Urban Fight, to be fit! 🙂


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