Fat burning, high intensity, low impact home cardio workout

Fat burning, high intensity, low impact home cardio workout

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  1. I try to do this workout once a week on days I really don’t feel like working out and WITHOUT A DOUBT I always cry at the end because of their dialogue. These guys make me feel so motivated and I love working out with them!

  2. It was indeed one of those days… Jumped 3 other workouts and landed to this… And I did it till the end… Thanks Guyz. If you can do it without motivation… Cz u just have to, then you are a beast… Much love from 🇰🇪

  3. Just knocked this one out this morning! I don’t know if y’all are seeing comments from older videos, but I want to share that I’m currently on my 7th day of doing at least 1 of TBP’s videos every morning. Sometimes I get 2 done back to back, or 1 more in the evening. You have no idea what a feat this is for me. I have never done any kind of fitness for a solid week in my entire life. Even in this short amount of time my body is feeling amazing. Anxiety and tension have departed, and my muscles, joints, and tendons are looser and more active than ever before. I am creating a short file of my favorite TBP videos so that I always have one ready to choose from, but I’m also perusing older videos and trying them out. Thank you so much, both is you, for this amazing service!! You are probably literally saving my life. Thanks also, Daniel, for the awesome message about motivation in this video. Don’t ever change, Daniel! Your positive and affirming messages are half the reason I keep coming back, and I have no doubt many others feel the same.

  4. struggling through another bout of intense depressive symptoms and your words are exactly what I needed during this workout. recovering from a couple of injuries so I've been frustrated looking for workouts I can do without hurting myself. Thank you for the great work you are doing.

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