Exposing Fitness Influencers: Natty or Not

Exposing Fitness Influencers: Natty or Not

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Hi i’m Joe, I have created this YouTube channel to show my progression from a skinny teenager who is sick of being skinny to hopefully in the future being more muscular and just better in general both physically and mentally.
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  1. depending where you are from there are countries where much bigger muscles gain are possible naturally due to very good genetics from vikings guys are as big as bears and have very thick bones
    for them to build 20 kilos more muscle naturally is much more easy than for people from the USA

  2. Hot Take: PEDs should be legal. I think it would allow people in the fitness industry to be more transparent about things rather then misleading people into believing their physics are achievable through natural means. My cousin was actually a bodybuilder in Mexico and went on to win Mr. Sonora and got 3rd place in a National Competition. When I asked if he was natural he was complete transparent about it and as a personal trainer he would always be transparent with all of his clients about his usage so they don't have unrealistic expectations going into their fitness journey. Most people in Mexico are pretty open about their usage because they know they won't get into any legal trouble where as at least here in the states I'm pretty sure its a lot more lucrative because if your caught I'm pretty sure your criminally charged.

  3. weird how these two seem to think you are only on juice if you have "big crazy muscles"

    just shows how little both of these fellas know about the very thing they spend their life doing (working out)

  4. Mike thurston is natty like he made a vid explain his lifestyle he does drink sometimes but who doesn’t and when he drinks its not allot and his diet is spot on his training time also so have u met him probably not has he say he is not natty no so natty or not him if u have proof if not don’t mension the guy in
    A natty or not video it’s annoying AF

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