Everything Jeremy Ethier Eats to Build Muscle | Eat Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health


Fitness star Jeremy Ethier breaks down the diet that keeps him shredded. Watch more Men’s Health Eat Like a Celebrity videos HERE: />
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  1. Listen to your body if it feels like drinking water in the morning drink it. If not don't drink it. Otherwise you're diluting your strong morning stomach acid. Great for weight loss however.

  2. Sunlight for Vitamin D. Are you not getting sufficient omega 3 off Salmon? I like squid. It's omega 3 and though unproven I feel its best for joints because of its cartilaginous texture.

  3. What gets me laughing hard are all the silly comments discrediting Jeremy because of ONE video he did that was not held to the same rigorously scientific standard as all his other videos. Worse, the people discrediting him are basing the accusations on ONE video released by Greg Doucette. That's pure irony, folks, because Greg Doucette is the biggest hypocrite of all youtuber. He teaches people to lift naturally, but he himself is juiced to the core.

    Before hating on the most consistently scientific fitness youtuber in existence, listen to yourself first, especially when you're going to base that hate on a hypocrite like Greg, who himself puts on questionable material.

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