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Eat RICE & Still Lose Weight (+Rice Recipes) | Joanna Soh

Eat RICE & Still Lose Weight (+Rice Recipes) | Joanna Soh

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How to Eat RICE & Still Lose Weight (+Rice Recipes) | Joanna Soh

Are you a rice lover?
If you want to lose weight, the most common advice you tend to hear is to ditch rice totally because eating RICE CAN MAKE YOU FAT! Is rice really the culprit? Does rice really deserve the bad rap it has been getting?

Personally, I used to be “afraid” of rice, but after getting to know better its benefits and purpose, now, I eat rice every single day. And if you have seen my transformation, rice has helped with my energy level, improved my workouts and even reduce my body fat.

I’m sure you’re watching this video and wonder how can I include rice into my diet and lose weight. If you are a rice lover and don’t want to give up on rice while losing weight, watch this video and learn how you can do it!

1) Practice Portion Control
2) Pair it with Vegetables & Protein
3) Keep it as it is!
4) Consume Post-Workout (only for Endormophs)

Sustainable weight loss is a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet. You don’t have to give up your favourite or staple foods like rice while you’re trying to lose weight!

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I’m a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.


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How to Eat RICE & Still Lose Weight (+Rice Recipes) | Joanna Soh


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  1. Gosh this is super helpful. I intuitively started doing what you said in this video about a month ago and I have lost 4kg of weight after suffering for 4 years doing keto and cutting out my favorite foods. Portion control works like magic.

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