Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Strength, Muscle Size & Endurance | Huberman Lab Podcast #65

Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Strength, Muscle Size & Endurance | Huberman Lab Podcast #65

My guest is Dr. Andy Galpin, Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton, and one of the foremost experts in the world on the science and application of methods to increase strength, hypertrophy and endurance performance. We discuss fundamental principles of strength and hypertrophy training and building endurance, the mechanisms underlying them and we review specific protocols to optimize training and recovery. We also discuss hydration, sleep, nutrition, supplements, and mental tools that can be leveraged to accelerate adaptations leading to enhanced strength, muscle growth and/or endurance.

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“Properties of Motor Units in the Heterogenous Pale Muscle (M. Gastrocnemius) of the Cat”:
“Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy with Concurrent Exercise Training: Contrary Evidence for an Interference Effect”:

00:00:00 Dr. Andy Galpin, Strength & Endurance Training
00:03:08 The Brain-Body Contract
00:03:55 AG1 (Athletic Greens), Thesis, InsideTracker
00:08:20 Adaptations of Exercise, Progressive Overload
00:14:40 Modifiable Variables, One-Rep Max, Muscle Soreness
00:27:30 Modifiable Variables of Strength Training, Supersets
00:43:50 How to Select Training Frequency: Strength vs. Hypertrophy
00:58:45 Hypertrophy Training, Repetition Ranges, Blood Flow Restriction
01:08:50 Tools: Protocols for Strength Training, the 3 by 5 Concept
01:10:48 Mind-Muscle Connection
01:16:16 Mental Awareness
01:27:57 Breathing Tools for Resistance Training & Post-Training
01:37:25 Endurance Training & Combining with Strength
01:51:20 Tools: Protocols for Endurance Training
02:08:15 Muscular Endurance, Fast vs. Slow Twitch Muscle
02:16:35 Hydration & the Galpin Equation, Sodium, Fasting
02:35:57 Cold Exposure & Training
02:43:15 Heat Exposure & Training
02:53:47 Recovery
03:04:02 Tool: Sodium Bicarbonate
03:17:26 Tool: Creatine Monohydrate
03:20:08 Absolute Rest
03:29:08 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify, Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Patreon, Thorne, Instagram, Twitter

Please note that The Huberman Lab Podcast is distinct from Dr. Huberman’s teaching and research roles at Stanford University School of Medicine. The information provided in this show is not medical advice, nor should it be taken or applied as a replacement for medical advice. The Huberman Lab Podcast, its employees, guests and affiliates assume no liability for the application of the information discussed.

Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac –
Audio Engineering: Joel Hatstat at High Jump Media


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  1. I've watched this episode 10x, so much info, great 😃.
    I probably need pictorials for the sodium bicarbonate mechanism, or maybe avoid multitasking to absorb it properly, might to go 11x 😂

  2. 2 questions:
    – Is that 1-2 sets of warmup for every exercise? So when you say doing 3 sets of an exercise in the 3-5 rule, you actually need to add 1-2 sets of warmup per exercise? Or is doing just 10 minutes on a bike or rowing machine enough of a general warmup?
    – If you go for a longer rep session of say 25 reps, would you decrease the amount of sets? Is it effectively the time of tension in the muscle that matters so that you can decrease the amount of sets with higher reps or do you need to go to failure about 3 sets for hypertrophy no matter how you got to failure – i.e. from more or fewer reps

  3. Wow! I learned so much. Andy does a fantastic job of organizing and delivering the information for us mere mortals to comprehend! Thank you both for the wealth of insight and knowledge!

  4. I’m a 21 year old who failed science and almost every class in high school this podcast somehow makes sense to me sure some things are out of my comprehension but I made workout and day plans from this thanks so much for this only thing I request is maybe after somthing really important to take it can you really really dumb it down for people like me who wanna understand lol

  5. Just another example of what happens when u love to learn. You learn there is so much to learn even in the subjects where you thought you had it all figured out. Whats amazing is probably in another 10 yrs, we will be discussing another lvl. Some thankful I love to learn lol

  6. Hii Hubermen I have a question I am 20years old and I can run a 45 second 400m in the evening like 6 or 7 pm and I feel pumped up but I am not able to perform those time in morning like 10 or 11AM so what's wrong with that 🤔 I don't have a coach I am self trained so please help me 🙏🙏

  7. I’m training for Air Force Special Warfare and it has been a major shift from Olympic weightlifting and running simply to relieve stress. I’m glad to have found these nuggets of wisdom to improve muscular endurance on my body weight exercises. And as always, thank you for your commitment to sharing science!

  8. I do 5 sets of 5 for major muscles (squats, bench, deadlift, overhead press). Should I be close to failure on all 5 sets? I find that I’m stretching my limit on the last couple reps on sets 4 and 5.

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