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Does Wegovy help to lose weight?

Does Wegovy help to lose weight?

Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers’ health questions.

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  1. I spoke to my GP this morning about this and she is looking into it for me. I'm in Ireland. I don't look obese but I definitely need to lose about 60 – 80 lbs and my BMI is far too high. It really worries me and I'm 44 so I need to get my skates on and sort this issue out before I end up having cardiac issues.

    I'm pretty confident that it's not covered on my medical card that usually allows me to only pay €2.50 for an item. That being said, if it cost about €150 per month I wouldn't mind paying that if it meant helping me to lose the weight.

  2. My physician prescribes the generic through a compounding pharmacy, and I pay around $300 for a 6 week supply. I draw it up myself in insulin syringes. I've lost 25 pounds in my first 7 weeks.

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