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Diabetes Drug Ozempic Trends On TikTok As Weight-Loss Drug


The search term Ozempic has more than 300 million views on TikTok with some users crediting the diabetes drug’s side effects for their weight-loss success. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports for TODAY, and Dr. Natalie Azar joins to discuss the possible safety concerns.

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  1. So many people getting it for weight loss that people with diabetes can NOT get it for managing their disease! I had to change medications…to one that doesn't work as well.

  2. It has side effect risk of pancreatic cancer also…. How about we fix our food and farms in this country and then we wouldn’t be so fat and with multi level endocrine issues like these… or at least a lot less

  3. The best way to lose weight is to eat less process carbs and little bit more protein and more healty fat keto is a good diet but for short period of time but that⬆️ and 16 hour fasting you dont need to do exercise. Im a truck driver by the way seat all day lost 30 pounds with keto but now i eat more carbs healthy carbs like veggies and have not gain more than one pound since i lost all that 7 month ago oh i dont eat sugar

  4. This medication was an absolute game changer for me when i first started taking it. With genetic high insulin resistance, nothing else was working to keep my blood sugar down and i was an unhealthy mess looking at a life of struggle and reliance on insulin. Ozempic got my Hba1c down to 7 within three months.

    Now it's completely unavailable until sometime next year because it's been abused by people who want to be skinny. Meanwhile, my previous health complications are returning and all the alternatives are also out if stock due to the rush for a replacement.

    Please stop advertising this as a weight loss miracle drug. Actual diabetics need this. You're destroying our health and quality of life.

  5. I am on Ozempic for Legit reasons. The side effects are brutal. At least for me. It aggregated my IBS that I had well controlled. It took about over 30 days to get my IBS back under control. Honestly, I haven’t lost but 1-2 pounds. It’s a life style change as well. You have to change your diet and lifestyle. It’s a shame ppl are using it just for weight loss. Now that I’m over the hump with the side effects I feel a lot better. But I’ve made many changes. I’m insulin resistant as well. It’s not a magic medication. I’m shocked ppl lose as much weight as they say they do. I certainly haven’t. But I sure feel better! And I’m anxious to see my blood test results in November hopefully that I’m out of the Diabetes type II RANGE. That is super scary. Diabetes leads to horrifying things if not well controlled. Forget about weight loss then. You’re going to have bigger issues as a full blown diabetic. By the way I lost 21 pounds prior to being put on Ozempic by my Dr. I used Weight Watchers. Stalled and blood work was still not great. So I’m hoping Ozempic helps me.

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