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Can’t LOSE Fat? Try These 2 Tips

Can’t LOSE Fat? Try These 2 Tips

Can’t LOSE Fat? Try These 2 Tips

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Trying to lose weight as quickly as possible on the scale is a completely different focus than fat loss.

And often the faster we strive to see weight loss, the more we really don’t control for fat loss nor optimize our body recomposition.

Actually the more we can negatively impact our body recomposition results!

Because often in our attempt to lose weight faster, we slash our calories super low and try to exercise more.

This results in, yes more weight being lost, but this weight is not only fat but also MUSCLE.

It can also cause us to create metabolic adaptations and hormonal changes that can make us look SOFTER, which is the opposite of what we want to happen.

And this is especially the case when we’re working to lose those last 5 to 10 pounds.

You simply can’t out diet or out exercise TIME.

And while, yes, calories in vs calories out matters, we can’t focus on purely trying to starve ourselves by slashing our calories super low or creating more of a deficit through our training.

Actually we need to stop focusing on our training as a way to burn calories at all.

And we need to stop purely focusing on our calorie intake if we want the best fat loss results possible.

These improper weight loss practices, and even at times extreme deprivation diets and overtraining, are what lead to that horrible yo-yo dieting cycle.

They lead to potentially rapid weight loss on the scale, but also that inevitable weight gain.

Through these fad diets, we create unsustainable habits, thrown our bodies out of whack and often create metabolic adaptations that make it even harder to lose the weight the next time we attempt to.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “My age just makes it so much harder?”

Or “It’s so much harder than it used to be to lose weight?”

Well that might have less to do with getting older, and more to do with the improper dieting practices you’ve implemented previously!

The great part is though, we CAN reverse much of the “damage” we’ve done.

We can retrain our body to eat more and lose fat while restoring our metabolic health.

But we have to stop looking for a fast fix.

Instead we sort of have to do the OPPOSITE of what we’ve been told to do…

We need to focus on these two key things…


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  1. been fasting for years myself and my weight blew back up but, I know what I have to do it just means taking a different approach workout wise and yes, your body does eventually get bored with not just your workout routine but also your diet. You have to change all of this up after a few months. thankfully it's not weeks but keeping up with this is key to keeping your weight in check.

  2. I totally agree with these two tips, but would remind folks that animal-based protein increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer etc. Try increasing your protein intake with more plant-based foods such as beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds, etc.

  3. I feel like I’ve known all this mentally, but this is way more in depth and it’s really hitting my brain finally. I’ve always been skinny and small, and thought that that’s finally good enough to get abs and a bit of muscle. I tried so many workouts and never got the results because I don’t eat enough and definitely don’t take in enough protein. A lot of the time, I’m lightheaded and weak feeling, and now I want to do a big change in my eating habits. Thank you so much for these tips 🙂 hoping that I’ll stick to my plans

  4. I want to lose lot of weight I have a very slow metabolism and I'm short,I used to do alot of cardio which lowered my metabolism and lead me to regain all the weight I lost and more so where can start start with weight training how much kg/pounds should I start to lift. I have to much belly fat and my bmi is 36 which is very high

  5. Great video, but I hate strength training (wahhh) I do A squat and I’m stiff and tight for like a week and then lose my exercise mojo. I’ve always had really bad DOMS from any type of strength training. I just don’t know where to start with strength training, I genuinely don’t like it compared to cardio. I find it very boring and ultimately so painful afterwards. Neck problems are also an issue for me. Any tips or input from anyone out there?

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