Can you REALLY build muscle doing CROSSFIT?


Can you really build muscle doing crossfit, Or do you have to do bodybuilding? What does it takes to put on muscle and look like a crossfit games athlete.

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  1. CrossFit is good if you do it right. Some of the lifts are not meant for repetition. The more you lift the more exhausted you become and it starts to mess with your form. Listen to your body. Swallow your pride, lose the ego and accept your limits. If your dead tired and can’t do anymore, move on to something else. Don’t keep trying and end up hurting yourself. Most CrossFit competitors get injured because of their damn egos. They tell themselves, one more rep when they can barely stand up straight due to how tired they are

  2. I'm 28kg/61 pounds heavier than what my heaviest weight for my bmi. For my bmi I'm meant to be between 50kg to 66kg at maximum ( 110 pounds to 145 pounds ) for my height 163cm ( 5'4 )
    I'm female and in early 30s
    I've just had my first personal training session at crossfit and have 2 more a total of 3 and then I'll join classes twice a week.

    How much weight ( fat loss ) do you see me losing per month? I'm hoping for 2.5kg per month minimum.

    Love your channel very inspiring!

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