Can You Build Muscle with Resistance Bands?


Whether you’re using resistance bands, weights, or machines there’s more to building muscle than just lifting heavy.

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This video is part 2, of The 3 Factors For Building Muscle, where we share the perfect formula to build muscle, integrating the most important strategies to maximize the muscle building benefits of the 3 “M’s” : Mechanical Tension, Metabolic Stress and Muscle Damage.

0:28 Recap of 3 Factors for Building Muscle
0:52 Mechanical Tension for triggering Protein Synthesis & Muscle Hypertrophy
1:12 Time Under Tension for Building Muscle
1:30 Selecting Percentage of 1 Rep Max (1RM) for Building Muscle
2:00 Metabolic Stress for Building Muscle
2:16 What is The Pump – lactate, muscle acidity and lactic acid
2:59 Muscle Damage or Micro Trauma to the Muscle
3:55 The Perfect Muscle Building Formula
9:04 Integrating Resistance Bands into Muscle Building Formula

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  1. I used to search up if I can build muscle with bands. Now I am building muscle. Me and my family are moving into a house. I was going to build a gym and get a bench, rack and barbell. Now I'm ditching the weights and just getting cardio machines. For strength in just using resistance bands

  2. I've been using only bands and calisthenics for 15 years due to disc injuries and overall bad joints. I'm 6'2 240lbs and about 15% BF. Bands, calisthenics and walking mixed with a good diet will get you in better shape than anyone at the gym.

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