Can Bands Build Muscle and Size? #fitness #motivation #shorts #shortsvideo



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  1. If I could give my younger self fitness advice it would be, walk daily 15-60mins. Do 3 rounds of CrossFit’s Cindy to warm up and do FullBody training concentrating on chasing the pump 3xWeek

  2. Bands do not build muscle as there is no eccentric component and does not work the muscle in the stretched position…however they are a good addition to use with weights for performance and athleticism

  3. I'm a strength lifter, bench 550 squat 700 blah blah blah

    Point is YES bands, especially heavy resistance bands can. I have some 200lbs bands and 125lbs bands and they are harder in many ways than weights due to the difference in when you experience resistance

  4. Bands are different from weights because of variable stress which is max when it is fully stretched unlike weights which give constant stress right from contraction to stretching of muscle. Key with band is to do it deliberately and controlled movement/ holding it when it is fully stretched. Because of variable stress it gives adequate relaxation to the muscles during reps reducing chances of injury.

  5. "It should be noted that scientific studies in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research have found that there’s no significant difference in muscle recruitment when it comes to resistance band training vs traditional weight training, and that both offer similar benefits for muscle growth and building strength."

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