Build Muscle Without Weight Gain – It is Possible? (Part 1)

Build Muscle Without Weight Gain – It is Possible? (Part 1)

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One of the biggest dilemmas people run into when building muscle is preventing the seemingly unavoidable weight and fat gain that comes along with it. Especially using the most popular muscle building strategy, bulking, the added weight seems almost required. Would it be possible however to actually make your biceps into bowling balls without turning your belly a hot air balloon? With what we understand about muscle growth and fitness, the answer seems to a positive one. Let’s find out!

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Is It Possible?
3:09 Cons
4:03 Is It Worth It For You?
6:21 Conclusion + Part 2


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  1. "Bulking" is the fitness myth that just won't die. I don't even get it. The way 90% of people believe even the most absurd things just because the other 90% believe it… (this seems to apply outside of the fitness industry as well)

  2. Hi @picturefit! Thank you for the videos, I've learnt so much. Would you be able to do one for muscle performance? Specifically, the type training required to support a specific sport? For example, does a marathon runner need to do slow speed high rep sets vs a sprint who might do heavy low rep sets? Keep up the great stuff.

  3. I have a different perspective on bulking and cutting.

    When you eat enough to build up to a certain body weight, your body will adapt to eating a certain caloric amount (say you need 2600 calories to maintain your weight but you eat 3000-3200 calories) your weight will eventually stall.

    This is where you should stay, because you’re already eating more calories than your body needs to build muscle. Increasing calories just for the sake of continually gaining weight is not necessary. Your already eating enough as evident of your already higher bodyweight, and you’re eating a good amount of calories. The weight on the scale might not be moving but you’re in an optimal state to build muscle. Instead of focusing on the weight to continually go up, and increasing calories, continue to eat at the higher caloric amount (that is already more than you need and that your body will eventually adapt to) and you will put on strength and muscle.

  4. I fit into this splendidly. A blend of fasting once or twice a week and eating a ton on one day is how I maintain weight and grow muscle. Just a weekly maintenance thing. Customize your maintenance, guys, it is worth it.

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