Build Muscle Lose Fat Both At The SAME Time! #shorts


This is how you build muscle and lose fat both at the same time.


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  1. Simple answer, It's possible.
    1)Stay on calorie deficit diet.
    2) Day to day routine
    You can continue cardio everyday if you want.
    During this period ur weight will not change quickly, because ur losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

  2. Yes and that the difference jo sirf fat loss kartaa hai uska body bahoot ghatiya dikhtaa hai after fat loss aur jo muscle building pe dhyaan detaa hai aur 30 min cardio then bhale he as compare to man whose target is only fat loss uske mukable wo badhiya dikhtaa v hai aur fat khtam ho kar muscle v hote hai uske paas bus thoda resut me time lagtaa hai

    Baki agar aap fat loss karte hai to main problem aati hai jis pe koi dhayn nahi deta ki aapka fat loss ke saath he muscle loss v ho jayeaga aur pataa v nahi chalega and uske baad fir se muscle gain karna bahoot heavy task hogaa

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