Best Workout Split To Build Muscle


This is the best workout split you can use for muscle growth as an athlete from strength coach Dane Miller.

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Build Core Strength and Coordination with a Garage Strength Hydro Weight
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0:00 Typical Training Splits
1:13 What should a good split accomplish?
1:47 Training Split for Athletes
3:18 What do different people need to build muscle?
4:38 Best Workout Split To Build Muscle
8:21 How to Program this Split
11:05 Why does this Split work?


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  1. Really enjoy your content! At 1:13 you mention daily full body being trash. The example you give goes from one exercise to the next. Wanted to get your thoughts on a daily fully body circuit approach as this has become very popular with cross fit and calisthenics types and does seem to produce good results. Thanks!

  2. I do Mon:athletic day (plyos/technique) tue:upperbody(sprints between heavy sets) wed :core/easy cardio/technique work Thu:leg day Fri:(core/rest) Saturday: same as the sun:rest/carb up

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