Apple Watch Series 8 Review // Sports and Fitness…Tested!


In-depth review of the new Apple Watch Series 8 for sports and fitness tested for GPS and heart rate accuracy with running, weight training, cycling, and more! You can get the Apple Watch Series 8 here: (Amazon affiliate link that helps support the channel – thanks!)

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  1. The only thing stopping me from getting one are my wrist. I am big boned, my wrist are thick. When I went to the store to look at one the biggest size look so tiny on my wrist.

  2. How is the average time for the split reading calculated?
    Example: My splits are 1 mile. After 1 mile I get a notification to my headphones saying "Split 1 8:30, Average 8:30". Mile 2 may read something like "Split 2 8:35, Average 8:36".
    The reading for the average doesn't make sense for the average pace of the current split or overall average, so how is it calculated?

  3. I really want to replace my 7 because of a nasty scratch but I don't know if the 8 is worth it. I think ideally I would get the stainless version but they cost as much as the Ultra so if I did get one it would be the Ultra.

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