Apple Watch Series 8 In-Depth Review: Sports & Fitness Tested!


Here’s your complete hands-on sports & fitness test of the Apple Watch Series 8, including tons of data, real-world usage, and plenty of WatchOS 9 background testing as well.

While all eyes last week were on the Apple Watch Ultra, the reality is that the Series 8 will sell the most units (by far), has almost every software feature of the Ultra, and includes the same slate of massive sports and feature changes as part of WatchOS 9. The Apple Watch Series 8 hardware itself was a modest update at best, instead, relying heavily on new sports & fitness software features like triathlon support, deeper structured workout/interval features, a revamped compass app with backtrack functionality, and running power/efficiency metrics.

To be sure, the hardware features – however minor, will likely be important to Apple’s longer-term vision. These features include vehicular crash detection (using high-impact detecting sensors & algorithms), but more notably on the health/fitness side include a new skin temperature sensor set at the wrist. This sensor set aims to track your wrist temperature while sleeping, primarily with the goal of providing women’s menstrual cycle tracking. However, in this iteration, it falls short of cycle prediction like we’ve seen from some of Apple’s competitors, who leverage similar temperature tracking hardware.

I’ve been putting the Apple Watch Series 8 through its paces in a variety of workouts, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. This is of course in addition to testing WatchOS 9 most of this summer as well, using the new features there – even in a triathlon. I’ve also got an Apple Watch SE In-Depth Review slated for tomorrow, and of course, in due time you’ll see a review of the Apple Watch Ultra.

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  1. Hi i use coros pace 2 for Running with stryd and i would Like to buy an AW8 or se2. Because i would like to have music, phone sécurity ( without carry my heavy iPhone in my pocket) and better screen ( to havé data bigger Size) BUT i m not sure because is it thé pace accurate with stryd as the COROS and Also the gps is 1hz ( 1 metric per second ? ). Best regards

  2. Would a series 8 last a marathon? I know you mentioned you did other different tests. Do you have a video on how long you could run with it before the battery is done?

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