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Affirmations For Weight Loss | 21 Days Challenge | Lose Weight While You Sleep | Manifest


All change begins in your mind. While the process of losing weight and achieving an ideal one for your body might seem to be a struggle, it doesn’t have to be. Societal pressure can sometimes lead us into disliking our bodies and believing in certain beauty standards making us aspire for the same. Many of us might end up resorting to unreasonable methods to achieve the desired weight. But the truth is, your ideal body weight makes you feel great inside-out. It supports your body than compromising your health. The journey to ideal weight begins with self-love and a healthier lifestyle. It’s time to take your health into your hands. Your mind controls your body and you can control your mind. Train your mind to lose weight by repeating these affirmations for weight loss. Reprogramme your mind in 21 days to attract whatever you desire. It is even useful to recite these affirmations several times a day and you will condition your subconscious even faster. While listening to these positive weight loss affirmations visualize that you already have what you are wishing for and soon you will see it becoming a reality. You can even play them and put them on repeat while you sleep to sink them in your subconscious. Your success is in your thoughts. Your journey to achieving ideal weight beings now. Believe and Manifest!

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Voice Over – Prachi Chaube
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  1. I deserve to be in perfect shape 😀
    I have clarity about my fitness goals 👍
    My body has ideal weight..
    I have the perfect body shape..
    I eat the right food for my body..
    I enjoy healthy food.
    I eat mindful..
    My metabolism rate is at its best level..
    I choose to exercise..
    Exercising makes me feel good..
    I deserve and accept perfect health.
    I love my body.
    Each cell in my body vibrates with good health.
    I am fit and fabulous.
    I am blessed with a great body.
    I am becoming stronger and healthier
    I nourish my body with health.
    I am greatful to my body.
    I take good care of my body.
    I feel good about my self.
    I accept my self for who I am.
    I am becoming better version of myself.
    I am in good shape.
    My mind and body are good in Harmony.
    My body becomes more attractive each day.

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