A noobs guide to building muscle – Resistance training guide for beginners


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A noobs guide to building muscle through resistance training. This video is for beginners as it is a beginners guide to working out, its mad that the youtube algorithm has us typing silly text in the description because im trying to get ranked for beginners guide to working out. Start building muscle for beginners today

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  1. I actually did this too and figured it out by myself, no coach or trainer guided me to it, it’s the most effective way of beginning to work out and I believe everyone who managed to went through the beginning phase has done the same thing.

  2. The man just explained the whole package in 10 min and went straight to the point without trying to give complex, unnecessary and confusing "tips and tricks ".
    I don't regret following this channel and I hope others think the same as well.
    Thanks a lot Hamza, for real.

  3. I dont want to be all buffed up, thought it may have some positive outcomes but so does it have negative outcomes, and for me I cant accept that. So I will aim to have a body like Bruce lee, flexible but strong enough to knock anyone.

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