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7 exercises while sitting down in a chair To Burn Belly Fat


4 Double Knee Lift Combined With Body Side Bends

It thins down your abdomen. Slanted muscle practices help in the consumption of fat from the sides of the stomach.

Guidelines :

  • Sit on the seat’s edge with your back straight. In two hands, hold the seat solidly
  • Sit on one glute just by twisting the body to one side.
  • As in Exercise 5, keep your legs together and raise the two knees to your chest.
  • Get back to the beginning stage and shelter the contrary side.
  • On each hand, rehash 10-20 times.

5 Knee – To – Elbow Lift

This exercise is especially useful to your waistline. It reinforces the slanted and lower muscular strength. To do it effectively, ensure your contrary elbow contacts your knee. Your chest area should turn somewhat by then.

Directions :

  • Sit in the seat with your back straight and your hands on the rear of the seat. Putting your hands behind your head is a savvy thought.
  • Raise your correct advantage to your sternum. Twist your left elbow to contact your knee simultaneously.
  • Get back to your past spot. Rep multiple times more.
  • Rep with an alternate knee and elbow for an aggregate of 15 events.
  • Make four arrangement of every one of the 15 lifts


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