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7 exercises while sitting down in a chair To Burn Belly Fat


2 Knee – To-Chest Lift

Reinforces stomach muscles, helps digestion, and helps fat misfortune.

Directions :

  • Sit down in a seat. Keep a straight back without hitting the seat’s back.
  • Keep your feet hip-width separated on the solid.
  • Keep a straight back. Lift your correct knee to your chest and attract it. Keep a sucked-in stomach.
  • Stretch your lower abs by setting your hands on your shin.
  • Substitute the knees for 20-30 reiterations.

3 Bending

Assists with consuming fat on the sides and hips of the stomach.

Directions :

  • Keep your feet immovably planted on the ground.
  • Lift your arms to bear level and fix them.
  • Turn your chest area to one side, twist your knees, and put your correct hand to your left side foot. Save this spot for a couple of seconds.
  • Get back to your past spot. Twist around to your correct foot and put your left hand on it.
  • Rep 20-30 times more, flipping sides with each curve.


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