Walking For Weight Loss: 5 Things You Should Know!


Walking is a marvelous and overlooked form of losing weight. It is low impact so perfect for those who find exercises such as jogging to painful, whilst allowing you to shape and tone leg and stomach muscles. It also gives a great kick start to your metabolism, meaning after walking you will be losing weight by doing nothing!

That being said there is only so much weight loss that you can achieve by slowly meandering along the bay, stopping and looking at the ships rolling by. What you are looking to do is lose weight by walking, not appreciate the views!

So how do you go about losing weight walking? By following some very simple tips

Walk uphill to get your waistline going down

Walking uphill has a number of benefits that can be gained, whether walking on a treadmill with an incline in your local gym or a mountain miles away from you. Walking uphill increases your heart rate, it increases calorie burning and it builds and tones muscles in the legs and bum areas. Although walking on the flat can give you weight loss benefits you are far more likely to lose weight walking uphill. Gravity is for wimps.

Walking before breakfast will burn more calories

Scientific studies have shown that walking before breakfast can help you burn calories by as much as 30% more than if you try to lose weight by walking after breakfast, with the added benefit that your metabolism will have started earlier in the day, giving your calorie loss a greater boost. Doesn’t mean you can have that huge fry up though.

Walk with intensity to see the lbs drop off

We know you are looking to lose weight walking, but you still need to push yourself more than if you were strolling along with an ice cream! Don’t break into a jog, but try keep yourself moving at a brisk pace to get the most benefit from walking and ensuring greater weight loss.

Do your walking on uneven ground for constant weight loss

No, we’re not trying to trip you up, but uneven ground will help you walk the weight off. When you are walking on uneven ground your body is constantly having to correct itself, this burns calories at a quicker rate than you would get on flat ground. So where possible give treadmills or paths a kick and head up onto grass or gravel paths. Let yourself explore the countryside and lose weight by walking at the same time.

Swing your arms and lose more weight

We’re not asking you to be the king (or queen) of the swingers here, but by introducing more movement into your arms, whether swinging, pumping or what have you, you are able to lose an extra 10 – 15% of your already significant calorie loss. Worth a bit of arm waving we’d say!

Attitude and perseverance are the keys to successful weight loss. If you really want to lose weight there are only five simple steps that you must follow in order to be successful.

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