5 Proven Ways to Build Muscle (5x Faster)

5 Proven Ways to Build Muscle (5x Faster)

Over 20 studies reveal the 5 proven ways to build muscle faster. If you’re looking to learn how to gain muscle mass fast then you’ll get a lot out of this video. Even if you’re a struggling hardgainer or just a skinny guy looking to gain weight & bulk up you’ll discover proven solutions that can help. Learn about the best food, exercise methods and strategies for men trying to get bigger faster growth while bulking. You won’t find better muscle building advice than these proven methods. Build bigger arms, chest, & legs.

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  1. Here's one tipe exercise everyday non stop like I mean no break nor recover ur bed time is recovery u need to rip them muscles in half I mean in half the more u rip the more muscle is being reinforced and then it becomes bigger and stronger don't eat protein shakes they will annihilate ur muscle on stomach instead eat peanut butter avocado that good fat EXTREMELY high protein peanut butter is a MUST yes u need sugar it's not gonna do nothing or make u gain no that's a myth as long as work out no stop within a 72 hours that's 2 days it is completely gone out of ur system infact sugar is a carbohydrate and a lipids for stored energy they keep saying cut the sugar that's not good u need the Ultimate energy sugar is a need it won't matter how much u eat u can eat a whole bag of it as long as u work out like CRAZY that will burn off QUICKLY stop doing them diets ur starving ur self that's exactly y u fail is because u drink protein shakes yes they have protein but u need CALORIES especially for a huge work out
    People say cut the carbs no Don't EVER listen to that bs yes it's bad but it's energy it is A MUST carbs destroy ur workout and gain weight but if u burn calories it won't have a effect EVER because it's stored as a quick energy don't eat vegetables it's healthy but useless u need protein I mean over dose on protein especially if u are working out non stop no breaks probably a 5 minutes break I mean working out from 6 to 6 pm non stop protein will boost ur muscle recovery IT'S not needed but it just boost the muscle recovery no protein shakes or diets that is just starving I get a steak any junk food it won't harm u if u burn the stuff off because it just turns to energy glucose is a need aka sugar get it now it is a need as long as ur pancreas is in good condition it will filter clear ur body when u work out no u won't get diabetes if u have a good pancreas because u can just burn it off stay hydrated water improves muscle tearing that's good because it becomes reinforcement like rebar on concrete

  2. Hello man thank for your help to us but I have a question I live in middle east that I can't afford supplements like whey and creatine . And I'm very passionate with bodybuilding and I work out everyday . What should I do?

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