5 Healthy Eating Habits to Living a Healthy Lifestyle


If you actually write down what you are eating on a daily basis, you probably will drop your jaw in horror. We never think to add up the little snack size candy bar here and the 2 cookies to actually see the major impact it is having on our diets. The best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle, as far as our diets go, is eating more fruits and vegetables. We all know it, so why do we head for the potato chips isle in the grocery store instead of the produce section? Basically it comes down to this. Junk foods trigger our appetite and leave us longing for more. Ever wonder why eating one little innocent Cheez-it leads to eating half a box? One taste triggers your body to want to keep eating. Now if you could condition yourself to do that with red grapes, we could achieve that healthy lifestyle. It may be difficult to do, but not impossible. Here are 5 ways to condition yourself to make healthier snack choices.

Healthy Eating Habits #1:

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind If you do not have junk food in your kitchen, you will not eat it. It really is that simple. I am the type of person who needs something to eat while I watch my nightly movie, and I tend to grab the bad stuff. The only times I do not is when I can not. Do your grocery shopping right after you have eaten a huge meal so you will not be hungry for bad foods, but rather good foods. Leave the store without any junk food but with plently of fruits and vegetables. Your purse and your belly will thank you in the long run.


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