30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

Get your heart rate up without taking it to the mat with this standing cardio workout that you can do anywhere! These cardio exercises will jump-start your endurance and leave every muscle worked! Follow this workout with a nutrient-packed smoothie made with ingredients like Califia Farms oat milk, which has no added sugar and no gums or stabilizers, to help you feel energized to take on the day.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this Anna. Over the last few years the Popsugar videos really changed my life and I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you guys to release a new solid cardio burnout. This was just what I needed. I'm starting a new job and about to move cross country: surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap and chaos, but I pushed the mess to the side, rolled out my mat, and voila! I am sweating and beaming and paused the video before cool down even started just to express my gratitude. When you were saying "the tired is just you getting stronger!" it hit me that my body is in such a good place because of what Popsugar has given me. Thank you.

  2. First time I watched this workout without sound, so I followed all the moves on the advanced level. At the end my lungs were burning I got sweat all over my body. BUT after reading the comments and catching my breath, I actually went back for another 15 minutes XD
    Gotta go take a shower now.

  3. You guys are amazing, I love the way you explain different versions of modified workouts for different levels. Great and special job. I enjoy exercising with you. Good luck all XOXO

  4. If you think you don't have space to do a workout like this, I'm doing it in an RV (I'm a full-time traveler) with about 270 sq ft of total area and a 6½-foot ceiling. The jumping jacks were pushing it a bit, but no holes in the roof, so it's all good. 😀

  5. omg this is lowkey kinda hard. i had to keep stopping to take breaks. i tried to not to the modified ones one my first time and o felt horrible. but if you’re a beginner do the modified workouts and take breaks and you’ll get through iy

  6. Okay that was an EXCELLENT workout. This is my first time doing one of her workouts, and I just love how encouraging she it. Also, I felt really guilty going from advanced to modified until she made it clear that it is perfectly okay to do that! That's the first time I think any trainer has ever said that it is normal to need to switch to modified near the end or all the way through. I will definitely come back to this channel because this was great. I hate working out and getting sweaty, but I had a lot of fun doing this one.

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