30-Minute Dance Cardio With Janelle Ginestra of Naughty Girl Fitness


Are you ready for a brand-new season of Dance Fitsugar? We’ve got Naughty Girl Fitness creator Janelle Ginestra to bring you a fierce and fun dance routine that combines traditional cardio moves with her signature Naughty Girl Fitness energy. Stay on the beat with class members Kira Leach and Evan Miller as they follow Ginestra through choreography that will work your entire body while building up endless positivity and self-love. These moves will make you want to go full out, whether you’re working out with friends or just performing for yourself!

Janelle Ginestra is a professional dancer and choreographer (working with stars like Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and J Balvin) and creator of Naughty Girl Fitness. Join her for spicy, one-of-a-kind workouts that are challenging and fun.

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Ginestra’s Outfit:
Top: Naughty Girl
Shorts: Koral
Shoes: Nike

Leach’s Outfit:
Top: Carbon 38
Pants: Ganni
Shoes: Nike

Miller’s Outfit:
Tank: Uniqlo
Shirt: ASOS
Shorts: ASOS
Shoes: Nike

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  1. This workout was EVERYTHING!! I’ve been following Janelle on Tik Tok for the longest time and was super pumped when you guys posted this!! I loved it!!! Literally smiled the whole time!!

  2. Absolutely amazing workout choreography and the trainer is so inspiring! It was difficult to follow at first but after practicing a few times it's totally worth the effort.

  3. Janelle is amazing. If you loved this video you should DEF subscribe to her workout channel!! She brings so much energy and is so motivational when you wanna give up. Not to mention she always leaves you with something to think about and makes you feel so good at cooldown. Its only 11 bucks/month!!

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