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30 MIN FAT BURNING Kiat Jud Dai Workout! 🔥 How To Lose Weight FAST



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Special for you I created fat burning 30 min online workout! 🔥 Try now viral TikTok dance with popular chinese trainer! Only 30 minute workout a day and you will be slim and fit! Let’s do Chinese Workout together!! 👏

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  1. Mam ,i am 60 kgs , after c-section,my belly shape damaged.hands ,legs,face are slim but thighs and belly are fat. I started your exercise from July 15th 2022 but I didn't get any result maybe because of diet also, so please help me with the diet, I want to continue this exercise I don't want to lose my face fat ,I want to lose only belly and bumps fat. I am from India I usually eat roti and rice. Please please help me

  2. I am an African woman, started this workout today..this work out perfect my waist size has decreased, it makes me really sweat… I love it will recommend to my friends and family

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