25 minute interval cardio workout from home

25 minute interval cardio workout from home

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In this short interval cardio workout – Daniel Bartlett of Body Project takes you through a series of combination cardio exercises that will get your heart rate high and turn your Body into a calorie and fat burning machine.

If you are looking for a way to exercise from home in a convenient and fun way then this is a great workout for you.


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  1. this works 100%. I was 212 pounds last week when i found out about this video from a tiktok, i am now 203 pounds. i’ve been doing this cardio workout twice everyday and adding 10 minutes of extra jump ropes and squats with a 10 pound weight in, this workout really gets you sweating and i love the feature that they add 15 second breaks after every workout most people don’t do that. my dream weight is 160 at the moment.

    i’ve also been eating once everyday at 4:30 pm and it’s normally just a salad with grilled chicken, and for water i use about 2-3 bottles of water when i am doing the workout and overall in a day i drink about 5 bottles of water, i’ll update you guys in about a month to see what my weight is, i’m hoping 180

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