20Min Cardio & Core Seated Workout for Injured, Amputee, Wheelchair Bound or ANYONE!


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I’ve been promising for a while to make more limited mobility videos and HERE IT IS! I did, in fact, get hit by a car on Monday which is what gave me the idea to SIT DOWN for this one. I’m alright but a little banged up. Happy to have no major injuries.

This is a 20 minute workout. You will need one heavier weight.


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  1. I love your videos. I'm on a private weight loss journey. I suffer from spondylitis. My back hurts to walk. Sitting is all the work out I can do presently. Thank you for being so great. Keep your videos coming.

  2. Kym, I want to thank u so much for this video. I was in a bad accident. I was dieting before the accident and I had started working out daily. Then bam out of no where, I am not temp in a wheelchair. I had lost 12 lbs before the accident. By watching your videos and working out with u daily, it is giving me the strength to continue to fight. Thanks a million. Update me with any new videos. Keep them coming. You r a angel for me right now. Sincerely, Kathy

  3. i’m physically disabled and this is the first seated video that is actually seated and completely do able for me !! i love this workout and have been doing it for 4 months with some weighted crunches & have finally seen results. this is amazing and i appreciate you !!

  4. Thanks from the UK Kym! After knee surgery and complications, no running, cycling and walking at a minimum, needed some cardio to maintain fitness. This has been perfect. All the best. Jez.

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