15 Muscle Building Foods | Gain Muscle Mass | Yatinder Singh

15 Muscle Building Foods | Gain Muscle Mass | Yatinder Singh

These top 15 muscle building foods would not only help you in growing muscles but also would help you in staying lean and Gain Muscle Mass. I have explained why you should have them in your daily diet.

Most of the people think that muscles can be built only by having protein. However, it is not true. A good combination of protein, carbs and fat is necessary. If we talk about protein whey protein is the best for post workout consumption. BigMuscles Nutrition offers 7 delicious fruit flavors in Frotein. Do check it out:

Here are the food explained:
1:32 eggs
2:10 milk
2:28 chicken breast
2:57 whey protein
5:05 quinoa
5:30 beetroot
6:00 fish
6:24 almond
6:52 sweet potato
7:26 apples
7:42 oats
8:07 peanuts
8:27 tofu
8:55 blueberry
9:13 red meat

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