15 minute BTS Diet Dance Workout | 15분 다이어트댄스 | cardio | 홈트 | 방탄소년단


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15 minute BTS Diet Dance Workout. cardio. Choreo by Sunny. SunnyFunnyFitness. Diet Dance. 홈트. 다이어트. 댄스다이어트. 댄스.

▶ Choreo by Sunny.
▶ Video Edited by Mory.

▶ List
00:05 So What
04:43 Boy With Luv
08:35 Dionysus
12:44 DOPE

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  1. If used without permission, it will be reported as a copyright violation. Please delete the site that used my video illegally. I am currently preparing to report copyright infringement.
    I can't say exactly how much calories I consume. Because each person has different physical condition and intensity of exercise, the calorie consumption is also different. The most accurate way to measure is to wear a smart watch and exercise.

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