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14 Day No-Jumping Weight Loss Workout Challenge

14 Day No-Jumping Weight Loss Workout Challenge

When you need to perform at home exercises to lose weight, it’s not really necessary to perform exercises where you need to jump. There are a lot of body-weight exercises you can do to burn fat without the need to jump!

These exercises are included in this 2-week weight loss challenge and is recommended for more advanced and physically active individuals who are looking for a more intense workout session to replace the gym.

This workout challenge must be done everyday for the next 14 days so make sure that you’re not only willing to do this one time but everyday until you see results! You also need to watch what you eat in order to see better results. Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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  1. I did this today and I was able to complete the workout til the end. I burned 239 kcal but I honestly didn't find it fit for my liking as the rest is too long. I find myself doing random stuff during rest time just to get the burn going.

    Still, thank you for uploading this video for people working out at home. I'm sure you've helped a lot through their fitness journey. Cheers!

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