10 Things NO ONE TELLS YOU About Building Muscle

10 Things NO ONE TELLS YOU About Building Muscle

These are 10 little-known facts about building muscle that no one really talks about. If you want to avoid common muscle-building mistakes and you want to know how to build muscle in a gym or at home the right way, then this video will help.

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There are certain things about bulking up and building muscle that no one really tells you. For example, there are certain supplements that can cause hair loss. Most people don’t know that taking time off the gym can actuallyhelp you build more muscle than training all the time. And Taking a pre-workout supplement too often will make it less and less effective. These are just a couple of the things that no one tells you about building muscle, and today I want to go over 10 of these that you should definitely know if you want to build more muscle and avoid major muscle-building mistakes.

And the first thing most people aren’t told about is that if you are successful at building a decent about of muscle mass, you’re going to get labeled and stereotyped a certain way. For example, it’s very common for natural bodybuilders and even some not so muscular models to be accused of taking steroids when they never have even thought about using them. This accusation typically comes from people that are either inexperienced, not training hard enough, or they simply just don’t have the best genetics and they can’t possibly imagine that someone can achieve a much higher genetic potential than they can without using steroids. Another common assumption after you put on some muscle is that people may be more likely to think that you’re less intelligent. We’ve all heard the quote all brawn and no brains. This is obviously not true because some of the smartest people I know happen to be exercise scientists with a lot of muscle, but this doesn’t stop people that don’t realize that from having that initial impression. Now with all that said none of this shoulddissuadeyou from building more muscle because after all who cares what people think about you, but it’s just something that most people aren’t aware of until it starts happening to them. Just remember that most of these people that are pointing fingers, simply don’t understand what they’re even talking about.

Now another thing that no one really tells you. Protein shakes and protein bars can be used, but they are not ideal for building muscle. Regular meals that include real whole food are much better options. The reason for this is because even though you can get the same exact amount of macronutrients from a protein bar or protein shake, consisting of protein, carbs, and fats, You definitely won’t get the same micronutrients that you would get from a regular meal with real food. According to evidence, many of these micronutrients are highly responsible for muscle growth. Nutrients like zinc are very important for things like regulating your testosterone levels. Nutrients like calcium are important not only for strong bones but also for muscle contractions. So always do your best to have a full meal instead of a supplement or protein bar. There are many quick and easy options for protein like hard-boiled eggs, tuna, and greek yogurt that still count as whole foods rather than supplements.

And another thing that isn’t stressed enough is if you want to see optimal results in regard to muscle growth then you should try to eat more whole food meals per day, preferably at least 4 meals per day, which is more than most people are used to eating. Even though yes you can get away with eating fewer meals, research shows that you’ll get better muscle-building results by spreading your protein intake more evenly between at least 4 meals throughout the day. That means you’re going to have to worry about not only meal prepping but also carrying around these meals with you. You’ll also have to find ways to eat more times throughout the day than most normal people do. For example, it’s pretty standard to have one lunch break while you’re at work. But what if you have to eat 2 meals at work? What if your traveling or you’re at a party, and you’re really serious about muscle growth. It’s a lot harder than it sounds to make sure that you get all your meals in. You’re going to have to find sneaky and creative ways to fit in your 4 or more meals. And maybe you get around it by just having a protein shake or a protein bar for one of your meals, but you definitely can’t be doing that for every oneof your meals.

Now the next thing that many people don’t initially understand is that lifting weights will only take you so far when it comes to building muscle. When you first start out your diet can be a mess and you’ll still build muscle due to something known as newbie gains. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last that long. Once your past that initialbeginner stage and your body begins adjusting, you more than likely won’t be able to…


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  1. I eat around 100 or 200 grams of protein based off a full 20 pound steak and salmond around 2,000 calorie

    muscle growth requires protein

    but the gene of muscle growth is creatine that ur body release which is a water retention what i learn

    im a kinesiology professor and PE couch but injecting water through ur muscle with needle can improve muscles growth Illegally but legal basically better then steroids because ur directly feeding ur mucle a recovery medicine water is the key but don't drink it inject it

    instead of drinking water milk is more hydrating then water its facts milk is 98% water but its a thicker and harder substance that is harder to pee out but hydrates to the max while retaining ur hydrations

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