10 Surprising Muscle Building Facts You Must Know In 2021!


If you want to build muscle, it’s more than just lifting weights. Find out what else is needed if you want to get the desired results.

1. Building muscle is about 80% of what your genetics says would would be achievable.

If your parents are naturally trim and have a small body frame, it’s likely you share similar genetics. You can still build muscle, but it will probably take more work to get the same effects.

2. Your metabolism has an effect on your figure

If you’re having a hard time gaining weight, it could be because your metabolism is fast. Your body is burning calories which makes it hard to gain weight.

3. When it comes to weight training, not all programs are going to produce the same results for every individual person.

The best way to find a workout plan that suits you is to find someone else who had the same body type as you and try following their regime. There are of course standard exercises everyone can do but there is more to building muscle than simply doing those.

4. More training doesn’t mean more muscle.

This is usually one of the most difficult concepts for people to understand.Weight training is a form of exercise with two main purposes: to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Once you have completed that, your muscles need time to repair and build up new muscle which can only happen when you are resting.

5. You can’t expect isolation exercises to give you an overnight transformation.

Multi-muscle exercises are the best for gaining size; look into exercises like squats, bench press, curls etc.These are exercises that require more than one muscle group to work it. Lifting heavy objects puts a lot of stress on your body. It can generate the most muscle-building hormones.

6. Free weights build muscle quicker.

Free weights seem to lead to greater gains in strength and size. This has been shown to improve concentration and can involve different body parts other than just arms.Machines can be helpful for beginners to help with form and basic control. However, they limit the effectiveness of the exercise

7. No Pain, No Gain.

Lifting light weights will not make you „big,“ in fact, it will do the opposite.To gain muscle mass, you need to consume more calories and do lifting with heavier weights. This stimulates Type IIB muscle fibers, which cause the most amount of muscle growth. When working out, you should lift heavy weights for the entire set.

8. Long training sessions are a NO-GO

The idea is to consistently stimulate the muscle, not to bombard it with different exercises. Interesting information. If you’re a bodybuilder looking to lose weight, the strongest factor will probably be diet rather than weight lifting because you can’t lift that much around your own body. Long training sessions can cause catabolic hormone levels to rise dramatically, leading to muscle loss. Catabolic hormones are responsible for breaking down muscle tissue. Your weight training sessions should last no more than 35-50 minutes.

9.If you’re looking to lose fat, don’t bother with some long-drawn out aerobic routine.

Running or swimming can be a time loss if you’re not mindful of it. Building muscle can help you to lose fat, but not if you’re on a high calorie diet. To shed weight, cardio exercises are more effective.

10. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need 3 square meals a day to build muscle.

Eating is an important part of building muscle. You need to eat more often. You should also make sure to get enough protein in your diet, which will help build muscle and provide you with important nutrients.It’s really important to eat at regular intervals, about every 2.5 hours, and to have a plan for what kind of food you’ll consume at each meal. Eating small meals several times a day will improve the body’s ability to digest nutritional content from food and provide enough energy to build and repair muscle.


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