#1 Reason Why You’re NOT Building Muscle

#1 Reason Why You’re NOT Building Muscle

Alright, today we’re going over what I think is the number 1 reason that holds people back from building muscle and making serious gains… hint, it’s you’re fault.



Now I know people will argue about this and say it’s your diet or the supplements you’re not taking but the most prevalent reason is people are simply not working out hard enough. I know that’s a tough pill to swallow but look around the gym and see if anyone is even breaking a sweat, even at the most hardcore gyms people are so focused on filming themselves for IG they don’t put much thought into what they are doing. This should help you change that.

I also go over exactly what it means to push yourself to failure on every set.

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  1. This dude has changed my life. I’m 35 years old have MS and if I didn’t stumble across Ryan I’d still be sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself. If I can work out 5 days a week with intensity anyone can! Thanks for doing what you do Ryan, congrats on the million!!

  2. Ryan, thanks for this video. I am by NOOOO means a muscle machine or even close. I’m 46 and I’ve had seven surgeries for Crohn’s Disease, issues with good absorption, whatever. My point is that I work out a LOT, but not sure you’d be able to tell. The thing that blew me away about this video is when you said if you look around the gym, people don’t seem to be sweating or trying that hard. Yes!!! A tiny bit of background—whenever my son or daughter went with me to our community gym, they would always tell me they’re embarrassed because at the END of my sets, I’m growling or I yell a little or loud exhale, etc. they would insist that it’s unnecessary. After watching you explain this, I understand what’s going on. Despite my actual physique, I try to push myself into an intense burn/failure. Most of the people I watch aren’t doing that. They have a preselected number of reps in mind, and when they hit that, they’re done. Thanks so much for posting. I subscribed to your channel!

  3. Damn I need to try this. The truth about my "workouts" is they mostly focus around getting out of the house for a bit, listening to music, doing cardio and my weights in a very relaxed way, and then the sauna and shower. There's actually nothing really wrong with this as an activity, but I want to gain muscle. Going to try and push harder and report back in a few weeks!

  4. Thanks for all your amazing videos. I’m 55 yo and getting back to building muscle after a 10 year break. Money is tight for all the meals. Is there anything I can do to up my protein intake and try to build with the hard workout that you describe. I really want to feel good and look great.

  5. 100% agree here. I’ve lifted with a fairly disciplined diet and regiment for around 2 years. I looked good, but not 2 years good. I started deliberately pushing myself to break a sweat, increase weight, and flirt with failure on most sets, and I’m up 8 lbs of muscle in around 2 months. Building muscle is hard. A light pump isn’t enough

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