💪 Build Muscle With Push Ups!


Which variation is your favorite?👇🏽

Wanted to do this simple demonstration of how to emphasize (key word) various pushing muscles when performing push ups.

🎯 Shoulders: here we are talking mainly about the front delt which primary function is shoulder flexion. Put simply for push ups, the more you lean the stronger activation of the front delt, therefore greater shoulder development.

🎯 Chest: the fibers of the chest are better stimulated when the arms are perpendicular to the floor -give or take- with forearms perpendicular at the bottom position. A simple classic push-up.

🎯 Triceps: if on a regular push-up you lower and the elbow is slightly behind the wrists, the triceps work harder due to the increased in elbow flexion. For truly targeting the triceps without much help from chest and/or shoulders, simply perform tricep extensions for pure elbow extension, and thus great tricep development.

Few disclaimers…

– The “shoulder version” (first rep) will also work your chest and triceps to a significant degree.

– The “tricep version” (last rep) might be the one that isolates the most out of all of them.

– The “chest version” will work all 3 muscles, but with emphasis on the chest.

Let me know if you enjoy this type of content and I’ll make sure to do more. Thanks for being here.

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