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⚖️ How To Lose Weight With Sleep Apnea – Treatment First! Then Weight Loss.

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00:00 – Sleep Apnea & Weight Loss Introduction
01:10 – Why It’s Hard To Loose Weight With Sleep Apnea
02:35 – Treat Your Sleep Apnea, Then Loose Weight
04:00 – Test Yourself For Sleep Apnea

It’s true. The majority of people who have sleep apnea are overweight or obese. The more fat tissue we have in our neck, the more pressure it puts on our upper airway especially when we lie flat on our back (supine sleep). People who suffer from sleep apnea really struggle to lose weight for two main reasons. The first is that because our body is stressed and not sleeping well, the hormone cortisol is released which results in our body storing energy, cortisol also makes us crave carbs (not good for weight loss!). The second is that sleep apnea reduces our energy levels and thus the motivation to move and exercise is impaired.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and are wanting to lose weight you first need to treat your sleep apnea! Once you start treating your sleep apnea, you set the wheels in motion for weight loss! With a good night sleep your body will be well rested, your metabolism will improve and you will have more energy for movement / exercise.

Now even if you manage to lose a lot of weight, you might still need some form of therapy to help with your breathing during the night but no matter what the outcome, you will be much better off for many many reasons.


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  1. You're very right, it is impossible to lose weight with untreated sleep apnea. As soon as I got my machine, I exercised more and lost 40 pounds/ 18 kilos. Now I can breathe much much better but I am still on the machine

  2. I have been suffering off and on with sleep apnea for a number of years but the last year and a half it's gotten really bad. Most of the time I don't sleep for two or three days. Then I fall into an exhausted restless sleep. Exercise and sometimes just getting up to do laundry or do dishes is overwhelming. I stay fatigued 24/7. Hoping this cpap works, smhs. Tyfs God bless you

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